Candidate Response: IVETTE ARANGO O’DOSKI

Group IV Candidates:
Ivette Arango O’Doski | Melissa CastroJackson ‘Rip’ Holmes | Sean McGrover


    • Why are you running? What is the most important issue you would address or advocate for if elected?

O’Doski: My roots in Coral Gables are deep. I am running as a member of this community that has lived in Coral Gables for over 30 years. I want to keep Coral Gables as a community and would like to use my experience in advocating for issues that matter to all of us to ensure that our city is a place where our children will want to stay and grow their own families. I want to support our local businesses and protect our neighborhoods by supporting police and fire and opposing overdevelopment that erodes the character and culture of our residential areas. Continue reading “Candidate Response: IVETTE ARANGO O’DOSKI”