Candidate Response: SEAN McGROVER

Group IV Candidates:
Ivette Arango O’Doski | Melissa Castro | Jackson ‘Rip’ Holmes | Sean McGrover


    • Why are you running? What is the most important issue you would address or advocate for if elected?

McGrover: I am running because I believe we need more diversity on our board. Presently, all seats are held by attorneys, and I feel most, if not all attorneys look at issues the same way. My background is in building businesses and investing, and I believe I can look at issues differently that will add value to decisions. The most important issue I see for our city is the oncoming recession that is going to heavily impact the community if we are not proactive in cutting costs, lowering our debts, and putting together a plan to increase revenues through attracting large businesses to our community. Continue reading “Candidate Response: SEAN McGROVER”